How We Can Help You »

We assist building owners achieve compliance with the Building Act 2004 in the following areas: Building Warrants of Fitness, Owner Inspections and Inspections Records.

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Fire Evacuation Scheme* »

Every building, whether it is single or multi-storey, needs to have an effective means of escape that every occupant is aware of in case of an emergency.
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Building WOF »

A Building WOF is required annually to ensure the building is safe. Failure to comply with the necessary Building WOF regulations can result in heavy penalties as well as endangering the lives of the people using the premises.
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Service Contract Management »

Every Building WOF / Compliance Schedule has a list of specified systems which need to be inspected and maintained periodically. Compass New Zealand audit the building service contract supply chain and will commonly identify areas of inefficiency.

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Online Reporting & Live Document Access »

Compass will provide you with an online dashboard giving you a realtime visual report on the status of critical compliance items pertaining to your portfolio. Compliance documents, service contracts and reports can be accessed by you online at any time for your convenience via our secure client login facility.